Adverse Drug event Reporting systems miner

ADRminer is an R package dedicated to the automated generation of drug safety signals from spontaneous reporting databases. It is developed on R-Forge by Youness Eragaibi and Ismaïl Ahmed and will be officially released on CRAN periodically.

Currently under development, this package will likely replace the PhViD package. Great efforts are made to re-think the structure of the objects that are manipulated. In particular, ADRminer will handle individual spontaneous reports make it thus possible to conduct stratified analyses according to several covariates. From a more technical point of view, objects are of class S4 and relies on the sparse matrix representation (Matrix) in order to save as much as random access memory as possible.

Maintainer: Ismaïl Ahmed (
Developper: Youness Ergaibi and Ismaïl Ahmed